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Anti-Diabetic and Hemolytic Activity of the Antimicrobial Peptide Parapolybia-MP

Grace Vanathi M and RP Rajesh

Parapolybia-MP is an antimicrobial peptide belonging to the family of Mastoparans. This peptide is composed of 14 amino acid residues, (INWKKMAATALKMI) and mostly resides in the venom of the Polistes wasp. It has a molecular weight of 1619.00 KDa. Parapolybia degranulating peptides possessing various activities such as anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and cytolytic properties. This peptide being a tetra deca-peptide is linear in configuration and, modifies itself into a cyclic one upon binding to the plasma membrane of the microbes. Diabetes foot ulcer is the leading cause of the lower leg amputation. Mainly 15% of patients with diabetes develop foot ulcers. Microbial species at the wound site tend to cause low wound healing capacity. To focus on this issue, a peptide with good anti-diabetic and hemolytic activity is required. Parapolybia-MP was found to have good anti-diabetic activity with an IC50 value of 70.31%. It also has negligible hemolytic activity as well.